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In the heart of Tuscany, amidst the vineyards of Bolgheri and the picturesque landscapes of Castagneto Carducci, unfolded a celebration of unparalleled love and happiness. Genny and Simone, two souls destined to meet in the endless sea of life, chose this enchanting corner of the world to pledge their eternal love.

matrimonio toscana

Their special day began with a civil ceremony in the picturesque setting of the town hall of Castagneto Carducci. Surrounded by the atmosphere rich in history and beauty of this ancient Tuscan village, Genny and Simone vowed eternal love, under the loving gaze of their dear ones and closest friends.

After the ceremony, the festivities continued at Gallinella di Segalari, a splendid estate nestled in the greenery of the Tuscan hills. Here, amidst the gentle rolling hills that stretch into the horizon and the enveloping scents of Bolgheri’s vineyards, Genny and Simone welcomed their guests in an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

The Tuscany wedding photographer captured every precious moment of this unforgettable day, from the sweetness in the eyes of the newlyweds during their first dance under the stars, to the warmth of the laughter shared with friends around the table.

The images of this wedding speak louder than a thousand words: the golden light of the sunset caressing Tuscany, the radiant smiles of the spouses as they exchange knowing glances, and the love that shines through every single photo, like a reflection of the soul.

Genny and Simone chose Tuscany as the perfect backdrop for their most important day, and the hills of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci responded with all their splendor. An enchanted wedding, a dream come true, and a love that will continue to shine forever, like a star in the Tuscan sky.